About us

We are dog lovers who have never spent a day of life without a canine companion…or two…or six!

Ledges Farm Dog Camp is more than just a central Iowa boarding kennel. We are dedicated to providing a true nature experience for dogs…

We are organic and sustainable in our approach to life on the farm and to our campers’ care and nutrition.  We feed organic Grain Free non-allergenic. The ever-changing cycles of seasons and wildlife behavior are a major part of daily life. Every dog walk is an adventure!

The boarding kennel building is steps from our front door.

Morning and evening we’ll take an adventure hike on leashes down mowed trails through native forest of ancient oak, shagbark hickory and ash trees…we’ll see deer, maybe jump a pheasant…smell intoxicating scents of raccoon, possum and coyote.

We are not a grooming facility, or a ‘dog storage unit’…we are a year-round Summer Camp for canines.

We let dogs be dogs…