Our Boarding Kennel structure is based on a horse stable design.

During times of fine weather, the entire end walls of the facility can be opened for completely natural air flow and full ventilation using hospital cleanroom technology. We have installed Ultraviolet Air Purification Systems as well as an Air Exchange System that cycles the entire content of the air through a HEPA four times an hour. Central air and heat provide ideal climate control the rest of the year.

Medium/large dog accommodations

All accommodations are new tempered glass and aluminum grille suites with substrate partitions covered with laminate. The result is an open, cage-free kennel environment that balances a dog’s need for privacy/security with an outdoor feel.

Skylights in the roof provide natural light, and a vaulted, insulated ceiling treatment creates a snug interior.


Small Dog accommodations

We love dogs of all sizes and shapes, but we also recognize the special needs of our campers under 15 pounds.

Our facility is designed with a dedicated small dog room with suites sized to accommodate the camper. With a private entrance, exit and dedicated 3000 square foot play area, small dogs never have to ‘stand up to’ the bigger guys.

We all know little dogs are giants in their hearts…they just don’t have to prove it at the Ledges Farm Dog Camp.


Our grassy playground lets campers practice the 50 yard dash. Dogs need to run and play…there is never an extra charge for playtime at our boarding kennel!

Our ‘3 rail’ gravel run is smooth pea gravel area bordered with secure 2 inch grid interior panels. A private doorway to the small dog room makes this a private sanctuary for mini breeds, or a safe “rough-house-free” zone for geriatric or special needs dogs.