Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I bring my own food and snacks?

Of course. We encourage you to provide whatever suits your dogs constitution. Please provide an appropriately sized sealed container marked with your campers name and feeding instructions. Our Kennel feed is Grain Free and nonallergenic. 

Can a geriatric or physically challenged dog come to camp?

We welcome dogs with special requirements and can provide the privacy and security appropriate to your camper’s age and physical attributes within reason. Private and separate doors and pens accommodate all needs.

Are there any additional charges to expect?

No. We provide an all-inclusive experience, with the only the long (four mile) nature hikes optional. Everybody gets leash walked everyday morning and evening. We expect your camper to be flea-free and clean, so there are no additional bathing fees. In the event of an emergency, we will obtain veterinary care as per our boarding contract. We will attempt to contact you before any necessary veterinary charges are incurred, but the camper’s health will be the primary concern.

What do I need to bring from home?

Bring a sturdy leash and a well fitting collar (or, better yet, a harness) and one or two toys if desired. Favorite bedding in the form of a small blanket or pad may be included, but large fiber filled beds are discouraged. Please no choking hazards like rawhides or smaller chew toys.

What documentation do I need from my Vet?

We require up to date proof of rabies, distemper and bordetella vaccination. We request that the last bordetella vaccination be within the last 6 months. If your veterinarian believes annual bordetella is sufficient, we will bow to his/her professional opinion. 

Are there any age restrictions?

Please no campers under 6 months of age.

Why are the drop off/ pick up hours restricted?

Dogs need routine and consistency. Visitors are exciting and a steady stream of visitors throughout the day distracts campers from naptime. Limiting hours controls this. A phone call for special arrangements is fine.